About Merrill Industries

What makes us different?

Merrill Industries has been in the packaging business for over forty years. We specialize in quality packaging for customers in a variety of industries.

Our manufacturing roots extend back to 1973 when we purchased a corrugated manufacturer located in West Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1985, we acquired our current 82,000 sq. ft. facility which is approximately twenty miles north of Hartford, Connecticut.

Since the 1990's, we have focused primarily on manufacturing containers from corrugated sheets as well as provide packaging design and production services for a wide range of customers

Over the years, Merrill has built an excellent reputation among a variety of industries in Southern New England. Customers have looked upon us as a safe harbor for quality design, good workmanship and reliable delivery. For many purchasing agents and decision-makers, we are considered the first choice because of our integrity and excellent service. We have worked hard to earn the reputation of providing a quality product with excellent service and continue to safeguard that reputation by treating every customer like they are our first.

Merrill has a long-standing list of repeat customers comprised of Fortune 500, regional and local companies. Our customers are in diverse industries including consumer products, water filtration, arms manufacturers, defense contractors, financial services, metals, specialty printing, medical instrumentation and scientific manufacturers.

Ultimately we concentrate on servicing customers by providing outstanding service and a quality product. With our hands-on approach of working closely with customers to help design functional containers at competitive prices, customers view us as a valuable partner in their business.

Our Approach and Process

Since our inception, we've always focused on helping our customers find the best solution to their packaging needs. The belief in and commitment to providing a quality product with unmatched customer service has made us a go to partner for companies that refused to gamble with the packaging aspect of their respective businesses.

We're hands-on. We see our role as something greater than simply selling a packaging product. We are your partner and problem-solver. In addition to traditional package development and production, we also help clients develop cost out redesign strategies, we provide product shipping damage evaluations, carton consolidation evaluations, ergonomic improvements to the packaging process and consulting. Whether you are at the beginning of the product development process and need a consultant to help minimize transportation costs and delivery related damage or are at the end of the process and need a partner to help develop and deliver a package design, we are your single-source for package development, design, fulfillment and testing.

Over 40 Years of Quality Product
and Outstanding Service.

Merrill has built our reputation on quality. For many purchasing agents and decision-makers, Merrill is considered the first choice because of our integrity, our product and our outstanding customer service.