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Over 40 Years of Quality Product
and Outstanding Service.

Merrill has built our reputation on quality. For many purchasing agents and decision-makers, Merrill is considered the first choice because of our integrity, our product and our outstanding customer service.

Package Design

Merrill has a reputation for working hands-on with clients to design around customer needs and create high-quality, competitively-priced package solutions. We perform internal quality testing to ensure all products meet your standards.

We employ highly talented designers and utilize CAD software and a CAD table that cuts designs and sends drawings straight to our in-house production shop.

Durable packaging is an essential component of product design and essential to avoid product loss caused by shipping and handling damage. Merrill performs transportation testing for our clients to evaluate protective packaging design under real-world shipping conditions.

Testing your packaging through Merrill enables you to minimize the product damage and degradation that occurs during transportation and distribution.

Our years of experience allow us to design a package that serves both your transportation and marketing needs. Contact one of our package design specialists today to find out how we can help your company package your product effectively.