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Merrill has built our reputation on quality. For many purchasing agents and decision-makers, Merrill is considered the first choice because of our integrity, our product and our outstanding customer service.


At Merrill, we often work with clients throughout the entire product development process. Sometimes a simple adjustment to product design allows for a more efficient and safer journey through the production and delivery pipeline.

Product design isn't just about how a product is built, it also includes how to get that product to market. How easy is it to deliver? How can you safeguard it and minimize damage throughout the production, warehousing and distribution process? By working with Merrill at the onset of product development, manufacturers can build smarter product designs that allow efficient and cost-effective package design and delivery.

We also provide: Cost out redesign, Product Shipping Damage Evaluations, Carton Consolidation Evaluations, Ergonomic Improvements to the packaging process and Consulting.

The best time to think about product packaging is during the development phase, reach out to a Merrill package design specialist today.